PDCI-11 - single channel programmable DC-CDI

...programmable with Handheld Programmer and PC


PDCI-11 - single channel programmable DC-CDI

...programmable with Handheld Programmer and PC

Technical data:
- minimum revs 200 RPM
- maximum revs 20000 RPM
- minimum supply voltage 8 Volts
- maximum supply voltage 16 Volts
- stand-by current draw <0.05 Amp
- current draw at 1300 RPM <0.3 Amp
- current draw at 12000 RPM <1 Amp
- maximum continuous current for shift light output 1 Amp
- peak current for shift light output 5 Amp
- constant spark energy from idle to 20000 RPM >35mJ

Circuit is protected against reverse supply voltage (wrong connection).

- fast power-up
- full power starting spark energy already at 8Volts power supply
- store and load function for 2 ignition maps
- one isolated input for magnetic pickup
- map switch for changing ignition map while riding
- TPS input (Throttle Position Sensor)
- shift light output
- power jet output
- duty cycle solenoid output (for regulating A/F ratio on some carburettors)
- quick shift (shift kill)
- tachometer output
- advance/retard whole ignition curve
- soft rev limit
- reduced spark at high revs with closed throttle (TCT mode)
- signal delay compensation
- easy and fast programming on the field, via hand held programmer
- programming with PC
- programming while machine running
- 3D interpolated ignition map, if TPS used
- monitoring of rev's, ignition advance,... via LCD(hand held programmer)
- fast processing for high accuracy - delays from 1us

For a copy of the installation instructions please click here.
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