Tarozzi Fork Braces

All Tarozzi fork braces are made of cast aluminum and are finished in a flat black coating for appearance and durability. Multi-language mounting instructions are included with each fork brace.


For a copy of the installation instructions please click here.


If the forks on your motorcycle came with rubber dust boots that fit on the top of the lower fork leg like the ones in the picture below your fork brace will be designed so the rubber dust boot now fits on top of the fork brace as shown. Before installing the fork brace you must first slide the rubber dust boots up the fork tube out of the way. After you have finished installing the fork brace slide the rubber dust boots back down the fork tube until they snap onto the top of the fork brace. If your forks are the more modern style where the dust seal is built into the top of the lower fork you will not need to disturb it to mount the fork brace.


Many customers have contacted us with the following question - "I know the forks on my motorcycle (which does not have a fork brace listed) are the same as the Yamasuzki that you have a fork brace listed for. Will that fork brace fit my motorcycle?"  The answer is MAYBE because even though the forks may be the same the front fender and/or front wheel may not be. As you can see in the picture above the fork brace must be designed to clear the front fender. If the front fender is a different shape it may interfere with the fork brace. If your model has a 19" front wheel instead of the 18" front wheel that the listed model has then the fender will be mounted higher to accommodate the larger diameter wheel and will probably interfere with fork brace even though the forks are the same. The only way to know for sure is to mount the fork brace and see if it fits!

For a chart which lists the fitting dimensions for all fork braces please click here.
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