Tarozzi Rearsets

All Tarozzi rearsets are made in four different versions with the difference being in the type of footpeg used as shown in the pictures below:



Types 03 & 09 are fixed position while Types 13 & 19 fold and have a ball spring detent in both the up and down positions. The first two digits of any rearset part number specify the type of footpeg used. The remaining four digits specify the motorcycle the rearset kit fits. Replacement rubber footpeg covers are available for types 03 & 13. The only exceptions are the Type 16 Universal Kits which are used with motorcycles which Tarozzi does not make a specific kit for. They require you to design and build  mounting brackets for your frame as well as connecting linkage for shifter and rear brakes. They are available in all four footpeg types. We carry a wide assortment of parts listed under Rearset Parts which are useful when fitting the Universal sets.

All Tarozzi rearsets feature the Tarozzi Footpeg Adjustment System. This allows you to adjust the arm which connects to your brake and shift linkage to any one of 42 different positions to make fitting as easy as possible.

Please click here for a full explanation of the Tarozzi Footpeg Adjustment System.

All Tarozzi rearsets are made of a combination of cast aluminum, machined aluminum, and chrome plated steel parts. All aluminum parts are coated for appearance and durability.

Each rearset kit sold includes an "assembly drawing". This drawing serves two purposes - it shows how the rearsets are mounted on your motorcycle and shows each part included with the kit along with its part number. Any item whose part number begins with 02 or 01 is available in this store under the category Rearset Parts and can be ordered online. Part numbers beginning with 00 are special order parts. Some 00 parts are available in the store. If the 00 part you need is not listed please email us for price and availability.

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