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NHK Steering Dampers

We offer 5 steering dampers manufactured by NHK Precision in Japan. Part number ODM500 is steel and has a  85mm stroke with a black painted finish. The M8 mounting stud is fixed on the body of the damper. ODM500 was original equipment on many Kawasaki triples during the 1970s.

Part number ODM2000 features aluminum body construction, billet aluminum mounting clamp with M8 mounting stud which can be placed anywhere on the body, and a spherical rod bearing on the shaft end. Stroke is 120mm.

We also offer 3 NHK Steering Dampers from the ODM "E" product line in strokes of 110mm, 130mm, and 190mm. The "E" series is the highest precision and quality damper product that NHK manufactures. Compare them to any other brand on the market for performance and price. They have the same aluminum body and billet mounting bracket of the ODM2000 but with higher precision damping control circuits.

NHK has been making dampers for many years and it shows in these units. They are rugged long lasting units with high enough damping forces to handle the most unruly vintage bike frames. All units have 7 adjustable damping levels. Please check the drawings listed with each model for dimensions.


To make mounting easy for our steering dampers we also offer a complete line of fork tube clamps in sizes from 27mm all the way to 55mm to cover the oldest vintage bikes all the way to the newest modern bikes. Our clamps are made from 12.5mm thick billet aluminum with a clear anodized finish for durability. They are a 2 piece design so they can be mounted without disassembling your front forks. Each clamp has 2 M8 threaded holes for the steering damper connection to provide a wide variety of mounting possibilities.