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Zeeltronic Ignitions

We are proud to offer the Zeeltronic ignition product line. Designed and handcrafted in Europe to the highest standards and proven on both the street and race track.

All Zeeltronics ignitions are designed to work with the existing generator(stator/rotor). Complete wiring diagrams and installation instructions are provided to make installation as easy and painless as possible. We offer both handheld programming units and programming software and hardware that can be used with any Windows PC. Using these units you can make changes to your ignition system anytime, anywhere.

One of the first steps in installing all Zeeltronic ignition systems is to determine and set the "Static Angle" of the ignition system.

For an explanation and instructions on how to do this click here to download the Static Angle Instruction Sheet.

More installation help here:

For an Excel spreadsheet that will calculate timing as described in the Static Angle instructions click here.

Click here for a full sized Degree Wheel you can download and print out to set your timing.


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